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May 2016
Multiple Project Review: Managers of multiple projects may now view consolidated reports of the combined projects through the Dashboard, Graphic Reports and Tabular Reports. Review the progress and performance of resources applied to multiple projects, or compare the progress of one project to another in one report.

Key features

Quantivia™ streamlines your project management with time-saving tools like early warning indicators, accurate cost forecasting and automations. This helps you get straight to what matters most resulting in better run projects and more meaningful conversations.

  • Early warning indicators
  • Pinpointing of specific problem areas
  • Enhanced resource utilisation
  • Accurate cost forecasting
  • Increased project profitability
  • Improved overall project scheduling
  • Reduces the amount of subjectivity
  • Promotes structure and discipline
  • Interactive dashboard
  • S-Curves, Pareto, Bull's-Eye Charts
  • Summary & detailed tabular reports
  • Rules of credit and unlimited chains
  • Integrated calendar
  • User access restrictions
  • Comprehensive and 'Intelligent' Help
  • Change Control functionality
  • Integrated Actions and Risk Register
  • Customisation NOT configuration
Whats New
  • Trend Charts
  • Data integrity checking through Tables
  • Wizards for up/downloading
  • Budget reconciliation
  • Resource planning module

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