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This is Quantivia™

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles. Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

In the beginning

Quantivia™ was started by three colleagues who, after years of running into the same issues, knew there had to be a better way to managing projects. They wanted to bring a little order to the challenging world of the mega-infrastructure projects they were involved in. They knew that solution would be software. Software that would provide the missing link between what applications were available and what was missing in the market. Out of this need Quantivia™ was developed, mostly for their personal consulting use.

Since then, the company has grown. Quantivia™ is now used all over the world. Their user group may be bigger, and budgets have increased, but they’ve held on to the spirit with which they began: be genuine, listen to their clients and keep solving problems.


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Companies trust us with their PROJECTS

"When two new contracts were awarded to Bombardier Transportation, I required a tool that would provide greater visibility of our project progress and cost performance. Quantivia was chosen and implemented. It produced clear and concise reports, allowing us to ask the tough questions of our design teams. From this interaction, we were able to take early measures to positively influence the outcomes of these projects."
- Dave Barry, Vice President, Bombardier Transportation