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South Africa's largest Resignalling Project

From the onset of the Durban Resignalling Project, Quantivia™ has been helping Bombardier Africa Alliance support the modernising and strengthening of South Africa's rail control systems. For Bombardier, this project creates an important milestone for a sustainable presence in South Africa, delivering new, more affordable and effective train services.

Durban Resignalling Project

Bombardier Africa Alliance
Basil Read, Bombardier Transportation, ERB Technologies, R&H Rail, Tractionel Enterprise and Stimela Infrastructure Management Systems (SIMS)

  • At a Glance:
    • The current signalling system in the Durban Metro Rail area is to be replaced with a centrally controlled automated signalling system. This includes track layout changes and the construction of new platforms, pedestrian bridges and new service roads. The Project also includes the refurbishment and construction of a CTC building.
    • Client Name: Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA)
    • When Quantivia™ was implemented: December 2013
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The Project in more detail


Quantivia™ tracks the initial mobilisation, engineering (design), procurement, installation/construction, testing & commissioning and the As-Built drawings phases of the project

Customer Benefits

The system provides visibility of the project’s progress of the 8 phases, four functions (design / procurement / installation / T&C), six workstreams (Signalling / Telecommunications /Trackwork/ OHTE & Mains Power / Signalling Power / Civil), per station and per responsibility (six consortium partners) of the project.

Consortium Benefits

Provides visibility to the project team members of the project’s progress, and allows them to identify areas requiring specific attention.


The design, procurement, installation and commissioning of a new signalling system, whilst maintaining an existing rail operating system, is extremely complex. It requires intricate planning and ongoing progress monitoring to ensure an integrated delivery approach. The multi-disciplinary nature of the work, as well as the scope spilt between the six consortium partners, requires world class progress monitoring.

Quantivia™ was chosen to report project progress to the customer and within the consortium. This information is used to provide a clear and unambiguous assessment of the work achieved. Subjectivity has been replaced with an objective statement of fact.

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Project deliverables


project management solutions

Improved communication, better coordination, increased visibility, better decision making, clarity of global progress, improved project control systems

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